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websites developed by K. Thyagarajulu, DRDO
Details of the web site:
1. Venkatesaya: This site is devoted to Lord Venkateswara, Balaji, of Thirupathi.  In this you can learn to recite the entire Suprabatham and the connected stanzas in praise of the Lord.
2. Defence Research and Development Organisation: DRDO.
3. My home pages: In this site there are a lot of pictures and other details about our family.
4. Match-making: The contents of this site are a simple translation of the information given in the TTD Panchangam.  This can be used to do a preliminary check on the compatibility of any two horoscopes for marriage purposes.  There is information about the Mangal/Kuja/Sevvai dosham.  This is not an exhaustive information.  You may peruse this site.
5. Learning Hindi: You can make an attempt to learn Hindi alphabet and the pronunciation.  More lessons will be added in due course of time.
6. Read Bhagavad Geeta: The entire Bhagavadgeeta, as it is, has been taken from the site of ISKCON
7. Tanjore Paintings of Hindu Gods & Godesses.
(No longer available)
8. Vinodh-Rajalakshmi Wedding Photographs.
9. Jyothsna-Ramesh Wedding Photographs.
10. Ganesh Chathurthi 2001
11. Pranv's Photos:
Photos of our grand-son.
12. SSR Pankajam Gardens Block-3 Residents' Association
Due to a change in policy of the, many pages and contents of the above sites have been pruned/removed.  You may encounter a number of missing links now.  Inconvenience is regretted.  I will make efforts to redo the links in due course of time.   Please visit these sites again.
Have a nice day.
(Updated:12 Apr 2010)